Did Tom Brady work out with Antonio Brown in the offseason? Brady doesn’t answer the question

Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians has said receiver Antonio Brown will be starting from scratch as he learns the Tampa Bay offense. But what if Brown already knows more than anyone realizes?

Quarterback Tom Brady was asked on Wednesday by Steve Isbitts of JoeBucsFan.com this specific question: “Tom, during the offseason after you signed with the Bucs, did you spend any time working out or throwing with Antonio Brown, and if so how beneficial might that be now?”

Brady didn’t respond with a “yes” or a “no.”

“I’ve been pretty focused on working out with all my teammates,” Brady said. “It was a good offseason. We spent a lot of time at Berkeley Prep. It was fun being over there and challenging one another. I think we got a good start on things at a time where everyone was kind of off. I think we got a lot of good work in.”

Brady then rattled off a list of teammates without mentioning Antonio Brown. But Brady never said Brown wasn’t there, and Brady never answered the basic, threshold question.

There’s no rule that would have prevented Brady from working out with Brown. So why not admit it and move on?

It’s possible that Brady doesn’t want to begin venturing down that specific rabbit hole, given that it could end up leading to revelations like, for example, Brown was part of those sessions with Brady’s Tampa Bay teammates and/or Brown received a playbook long before he joined the team.